Dental Dashboards – Hype or Help?

By admin-tmfd on 15 November 17 Practice Management

As a dental professional or practice owner, you have likely been contacted by your dental practice management software provider about the development or implementation of a dashboard. Does this leave you asking, “Exactly what data does the dashboard collect and how can this information improve my practice?” A dental dashboard extracts data directly from the software around […]

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Morneau’s Tax* Fairness Plan?

By admin-tmfd on 1 November 17 Tax Planning

One hundred years ago in July 1917, Finance Minister Sir Thomas White shocked the nation by tabling a resolution in parliament calling for temporary income taxes, at very low rates, as a “war measure”. On July 18, 2017, one hundred years later, the current Finance Minister Bill Morneau dropped another tax-related bomb; this one directed […]

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Selling a Dental Practice: PART 2

By admin-tmfd on 6 May 17 Practice Management

Closing the Deal! This is the second of a two-part series focused on preparing a dental practice for sale. From beginning to end, good planning and thorough preparation will lead the way to a successful sale and smooth transition. We know from talking to other dentists preparing to sell, they want to protect the integrity […]

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The Value of a Marriage Contract

By admin-tmfd on 1 May 17 Uncategorized

As a dental professional, you know that financial honesty and transparency are intrinsic to a healthy and balanced practice and partnership. While it may be delicate, and in some cases uncomfortable, it’s just as important to apply the same values when it comes to partnership with a significant other. Whether contemplating marriage or living together […]

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Cross Border Tax Planning for the High Net-Worth Individual

By admin-tmfd on 1 February 17 Tax Planning

If you are a Canadian high net worth individual with a U.S. property, will your estate upon your death be subject to U.S. estate tax? U.S. estate tax applies where a Canadian passes away with real estate worth over $60,000 USD with a worldwide estate value over $5,490,000 USD as of January 1, 2017. Please […]

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Selling a Dental Practice: PART 1

By admin-tmfd on 1 February 17 Practice Management

You might be ready for retirement and a long anticipated journey of new pursuits, or in mid-career and looking to sell one of your multiple practices. Either way, the sale of a practice represents the zenith of years of effort, skill and patient relationships. This is the first of a two-part series focused on preparing […]

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CRM2: What Investors Need to Know

By admin-tmfd on 1 February 17 Retirement Planning

At a dinner party or out on the links, it’s quite common to discuss investment returns with friends and associates. More often than not, the conversation leans towards bragging about the ‘winners’ and staying quiet about the ‘losers’. But how does an investor know the actual performance of their portfolio net of costs once all […]

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Seminars – Fall 2016

By admin-tmfd on 26 July 16 Uncategorized

Look for our upcoming seminars in the Fall of 2016!!

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Daily Planning Meeting… Wasted Time or Wasted Opportunity?

By admin-tmfd on 16 June 16 Practice Management

All professional sports teams want to win on game day. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.”  Winning doesn’t happen by chance, so teams who have a desire to win must prepare extensively. Before they take to the field, a final meeting takes place in the locker room to clarify […]

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How the 2016 Federal Budget Impacts Dentists?

By admin-tmfd on 16 June 16 Estate Planning

In some ways, the 2016 Federal Budget will change tax planning strategies for dentists.  During the campaign leading up to the election last fall, Prime Minister Trudeau said in a CBC interview, “A large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes, and we want to reward […]

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