Retirement Planning

CRM2: What Investors Need to Know

By admin-tmfd on 1 February 17 Retirement Planning

At a dinner party or out on the links, it’s quite common to discuss investment returns with friends and associates. More often than not, the conversation leans towards bragging about the ‘winners’ and staying quiet about the ‘losers’. But how does an investor know the actual performance of their portfolio net of costs once all […]

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How Much Do I Need? – A Case Study

By admin-tmfd on 24 July 15 Retirement Planning

Dentists want to know their target retirement number. TMFD Financial reviews Dr. Davy’s number. ‘How much do I need to retire?’ is a common question we are frequently asked at TMFD Financial. Every situation is different depending on time horizon to retirement, size of dental practice, and starting Net Worth comprising all financial assets less liabilities. At […]

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