Helping Patients and Dentist Students

community-workLife-changing stories like Scott’s are why TMFD Financial is so very proud to be a supporter of the U of T Access To Care Fund.

U of T’s clinic serves a diverse group of patients known as vulnerable Canadians. That’s a group that includes seniors, low-income families, aboriginal peoples, refugees, immigrants and people living with a disability.

The clinics’ fees are as low as possible, they charge about half the cost of a regular clinic; an amount used to defray the costs of appropriate infrastructure. Nonetheless, many are still unable to afford even these reduced costs.

To assist these patients the Faculty established the Access to Care Fund, subsidizing vulnerable patients’ costs and ensuring they receive the best available treatment, regardless of their ability to pay.

The clinic treats more than 15,000 people annually, many of who would not otherwise receive treatment. This service provides much-needed care for vulnerable Canadians towards protecting overall health, boosting employment prospects and enhancing appearance and self-confidence.

Patients often start with a visit to the U of T’s emergency clinic to relieve acute pain. As they become regular patients, dental students can offer them a full range of treatments that can make a tremendous improvement in their oral health.

Support for the Access to Care Fund also benefits the students. As more patients are able to complete their treatment plans, students experience increased clinical opportunities and more exposure to sophisticated procedures. At the same time, students become familiar with recognizing financial need and how to present treatment options in a sensitive manner.

The Faculty and its students, alumni, friends and industry partners have raised more than half a million dollars for the Access to Care Fund, changing the lives of hundreds of Canadians.

TMFD Financial is proud to be a Bronze level sponsor, donating over $5,000 as part of our commitment to helping patients and dental students in Ontario.