Practice Management Consultation Assessment

Operational Assessment Service (OAS)

This comprehensive operational assessment service evaluates the primary systems in the dental practice to uncover dormant revenue and growth potential. It is a practice performance “snapshot” illustrating areas of opportunity. The assessment entails pre-on-site data collection, on-site analysis, a detailed report and discussion with the dentist about the findings and recommendations to improve practice performance.

A report containing facts and actionable recommendations is prepared and reviewed with the dentist and a practice improvement plan is agreed upon. We then prepare a customized coaching proposal to facilitate the implementation of recommendations over a specified period of time.

Human Resource Assessment (HRA)

TMFD Financial FINANCIAL, Consulting offers HRA to dental professionals as a response to client requests for this service. The Human Resource Assessment entails reviewing current employees relative to the practice needs, designing job descriptions with performance measurements, evaluating team performance and identifying training requirements.

As staff costs are typically the highest operating expense we offer advice and solutions to reduce this expense to meet industry norms.

Industry Norms Scorecard (INS)

The INS service provides dentists with a tool to examine their practice performance relative to industry norms. The dental practice management coach along with TMFD Financial professionals examine the financial performance of the practice and identify expenses below, at or above industry norms. Once the INS is completed the results are discussed with the dentist along with strategies to bring expenses into line with industry norms. Dental practice management coaches work directly with the dentist and team members to achieve results in specific areas.