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Five Steps to Dynamic Meetings

By admin-tmfd on 3 September 11 Dales Blog

Dread Team Meetings? If you are like so many business owners, you dread monthly team meetings.  Although you’re rational mind acknowledges meetings as  necessary, the little voice in your head keeps whispering, “they are such a waste of time or I really do not enjoy them.”  Sound familiar? Truth is team meetings are an integral […]

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Managing Success

By admin-tmfd on 2 September 11 Dales Blog

Over the past 25 years as a management consultant I certainly have enjoyed my experience helping people succeed and manage success. In truth, success as a generic ideal or vision is defined in the Oxford dictionary as;  success noun  1. a favorable outcome; doing what is desired or attempted; the attainment of wealth, fame or […]

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Take Control of Your Practice

By admin-tmfd on 15 August 11 Dales Blog

A dentist recently approached me after a seminar and asked if our consulting services included assisting owners to rebuild their practices.  The dentist proceeded to explain that his once thriving office was disappearing before his eyes. Although he was concerned with declining revenues over the past few years he was not alarmed.  The dentist was […]

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Orthodontist – Time to Reflect & Plan!

By admin-tmfd on 20 July 11 Dales Blog

For those of you who have read any of my previous articles you have probably come to learn that I write based on experiences working with orthodontists and their team.  By consulting with dentists I see first hand enhancement strategies, leadership and management styles that produces a variety of results. As 2010 draws to an […]

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