Practice Management Consultation – Professional Training

CEO Leadership Coaching (CLC)

As a dental professional acquiring the skills to improve your knowledge and effectiveness as a leader is increasingly being deemed as essential. When it comes to leadership a “one shoe fits all” approach does not support our philosophy that everyone has the ability to develop leadership skills.

Our consultants work collaboratively with the dentist to identify their strengths and leadership style then develop a plan to improve leadership skills.

Sessions are planned to improve the dentist’s knowledge of KPI’s – key performance indicators. Key performance indicators are a valuable tool to simplify practice management and illustrate practice trends. We provide training to identify the KPI’s and interpret the information with the dentist.

An integral part of CEO Leadership Coaching is training the dentist to utilize software information as a tool to improve practice management.  Practice monitors are implemented with the dentist as a means of collection and interpreting data to develop a practice improvement action plan.  Our coaches connect with the dentist throughout and for a three month period after the CEO Leadership Coaching program to discuss the interpretation of data and aid in the development and implementation of a practice improvement action plan.

Professional Team Training (PTP)

Whether you have long term team members or a new hire, professional training focused on the practice priority systems; accounts receivable, recare and treatment communication and management, business and clinical efficiencies, customer service and software utilization is a wise choice to improve team and practice performance.

Practice Start-Up (PSU)

At TMFD Financial FINANCIAL, Consulting we understand starting a new practice can be an exciting and stressful experience for dentists. Our PSU service is the best investment you can make when starting a new dental practice. Our coaches have extensive knowledge of dental start-ups and will support the owner through: hiring and training new team members; developing job descriptions with performance measurements; practice marketing initiatives; customer service training; effective communication training; integrating practice technology; development of KPI’s – key performance indicators and coaching to manage expenses.

TMFD Financial has a professional team focused on supporting and advising dentists from a financial perspective and continues to provide expert advice and support throughout the dentist’s career.

Succession Planning Services (SPS)

As a dental professional one of the most significant professional and personal decisions you will make pertain to your succession plans. Our SPS is designed to help dentists prepare and execute an effective and well-thought out succession plan.

We offer a pre-sale review of the practice to identify areas within the practice to improve results prior to the practice valuation, assist in implementing enhancement strategies and monitor progress.

Our TMFD Financial FINANCIAL team of experts will review the practice evaluation and provide feedback prior to finalizing the document.

Our consultants will develop a transition plan and work with the seller and buyer to support and guide them and team members through the succession.

Associate Recruiting Service (ARS)

One of the most significant challenges for dental professionals is recruiting an associate dentist to join their team.  Dental practice owners cannot afford to make mistakes in this area of practice development. Simply put, the ramifications of a “poor professional hire” can have a significant and lasting negative impact on the practice.

The ARS service goes beyond the logistics of timing for the hire, hours to be offered and scheduling. Experience shows that one of the reasons dental associate placements fail is due to differences in clinical philosophy. We recruit using a holistic approach – clinical philosophy and expertise, personal attributes and logistics.

Custom Workshops and Seminars (CWS)

Continuing education and skill development in the dental industry is a necessity and those dental professionals who engage in continuing education reap the rewards.

Custom workshops and seminars can be created on a variety of topics.