Practice Owners

If you own your own practice or practices, you will have acquired valuable business experience over the years, either through, “the school of hard knocks” with some expensive mistakes along the way, or with the help of colleagues and practice coaches. Either way, you feel established and are working hard towards retiring some-day, trying to manage and juggle the practice(s) and your family/personal lifestyle.

You may have built relationships with multiple advisors along the way, however if these advisors do not speak with each other, or have an agenda for their own benefit, your big picture plan will be fragmented, and will certainly be leaving money on the table without knowing about it.

At TMFD Financial, we work as a team to connect the dots, so that your big picture plan is cohesive and actioned towards your success. We focus on growing your Net Worth, the scorecard that defines your success. This is done by reviewing and co-ordinating your:

  1. Practice Cash Flow
  2. Tax Reduction Strategies
  3. Practice Productivity
  4. Family Lifestyle Needs
  5. Retirement Target

At TMFD Financial, we are in a very unique position to see a wide range of practices in every phase of maturity and enjoying varying degrees of success. We are therefore exceptionally qualified to plan and implement the strategies needed to help you run a successful practice, and align your practice with your lifestyle needs by building your Net Worth.

TMFD Financial can help you reach your goals. Some common, but not limited, subject areas where we can help include:

  1. Tax & Financial Planning
  2. Practice Cash Flow Management
  3. Reducing Overheads/Improving Practice Efficiency
  4. Education Expenses
  5. Set retirement need targets in place
  6. Review low fee investments, and savings
  7. Consolidate bookkeeping services
  8. Estate planning and insurance
  9. Practice benchmarking

We welcome you to contact us today for a complimentary consultation.