Dental Practice & Personal Lending

dental practice and personal lending

Dental Practice Financing

TMFD Financial understands that every dental practice has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges that require a more involved financing approach, which is why we will liaise with banking partners to help you implement solutions that are cost effective, tax efficient, and that work for you.

We can assist with the following dental practice financing options:

Personal Lending for Dentists Enjoy flexible borrowing solutions that let you take what you need when you need it and pay it back when you can. TMFD Financial will work with banking partners to help dentists coordinate Mortgages, Loans and Lines of Credit that offer maximum flexibility for your life. This is done in a tax efficient manner to help you optimize your cash flow and payment plan.

We understand your needs and trust in your capabilities for human capital

One of the aspects of the dental practice that is not often considered, much less discussed, is the benefit of what we call human capital. Because your own individual capital cannot be measured as a tangible object or exact monetary amount, it may be overlooked as the indispensable treasure it really is. The fact is that dentistry is one of the top-earning professions in Canada. Your practice is the driving force for your financial wellbeing and wealth creation, all based on your human capital. The team at TMFD Financial provides the full extent of guidance you need to maximize your earning potential.

We understand your unique position and the needs that stem from your professional status. For your lending, tax, and financial planning needs, you can count on our expertise. Contact us today for an initial complimentary consultation, or to seek a second opinion.