Estate Planning for Dentists

estate planning for dentists

Thousands of hours will be spent on building your Estate. How many hours will be invested in preserving it, and in a tax efficient manner?

Estate planning involves the distribution of your assets in the most orderly fashion. This organized distribution may occur during your lifetime as well as after death. The magnitude of the effect of your estate calls for proper planning. With ourteam, you gain peace of mind and have the ability to save thousands on taxes.

We bring estate-planning lawyers to develop a personalized estate plan and to draft you wills.

In order to assist our dentist clients, we have developed a questionnaire through which you can ascertain your need to obtain a review of your current estate plan or your need for a plan if you do not already have one. With a well-defined plan in place, you may gain greater enjoyment both before and during retirement.

Questions to help review your estate plan:

  1. Have you drawn up a will? If you have, have you had it reviewed in the last three years?
  2. Is the issue of guardianship for your children in the event of your death addressed in your will?
  3. Have you recently wed or divorced?
  4. Have any of your beneficiaries experienced a significant life change?
  5. What is the health and proximity of residence of your trustee or executor?
  6. Are you and your business interests adequately protected in your life insurance policy?
  7. Have any valuable assets been inherited by you in recent years?
  8. Has a trust been established for your children? Have you considered this option?
  9. Do you have assets you would consider gifting to your children?
  10. Do you own property in another country?
  11. Do you have any assets you wish to leave to charity?
  12. Has a source of income been arranged for your spouse in the event of your death?
  13. Are you confident that your estate plan is up to date?

We can help you answer these questions, and can provide strategies for:

If you wish to identify your estate planning opportunities, we can help. Contact our team of professionals who will work on your behalf with consideration of both immediate and long-term goals. You deserve to have a high level of confidence in your financial future, and you can with our team of experts. To seek a second opinion or get your wills and estate plan in order, Contact us for a complimentary consultation.