Incorporation & Practice Transitions

incorporation and practice transitions

Should you incorporate as a Dental Professional Corporation?

Do not dismiss incorporation on the belief you “spend everything you earn as a dentist.” Incorporation is about providing income in a tax efficient manner, even if you spend everything.

Dental incorporation can address:

If you’re a new dentist graduate, we can help you implement strategies to clear your student debt so that you can reap the benefits in timing your incorporation.

Dental Practice Transitions:
Opening, Buying or Selling a Dental Practice

When it’s time to transition, dentists face a multitude of situations that require expert advice and guidance. We can assist with:

Not long ago, legal advances were made allowing businesses, including dental practices to be managed as a corporation. However, for various reasons, more than 75% of dental practices have yet to harness the power of incorporation. On the most basic level, taking this step can significantly improve your bottom line through annual tax deferral equating to as much as 27 percentage points. On a broader spectrum, incorporating may be the best thing you do for your financial well-being.

The benefits of incorporating your practice are substantial and our experts are happy to discuss them with you.

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