Net Worth Growth Consultation

net worth growth consultation

Net Worth Builder

Our TMFD Financial team work with dentists, providing cost effective and intelligent tax and financial planning strategies to help you align your practice with your life, keep more of what you earn and build your Net Worth. We provide an initial, no obligation, complimentary consultation or second opinion. In an open dialogue with you that lasts between one and two hours, our team will assess your tax, practice, and personal financial affairs. We immerse ourselves collaboratively in your life to create a game plan that gives you the freedom to grow by working smarter not harder. Our experienced experts know the dental profession, so we can ensure that you have a plan that is optimized, consolidated and implemented for your financial needs.

Defining Goals

Determine your long-term lifestyle and financial objectives.


We assess each aspect of your financial life – your practice expenses and income, disability and life insurance coverage, personal debts, practice debts, miscellaneous financial obligations, taxes, investments, and more. Our job it not to judge your finances, but to asses them in order to obtain a proper diagnosis of your financial situation. With our second opinion, you can feel good about being on the right path.

Written Financial Plan

Once we have made a diagnosis of your finances, we create a detailed summary report in which the benefits of our recommendations is spelled out. The charge for this report depends on your particular situation. We outline the charges for you during your first meeting and make it clear that there is no obligation on your part to proceed with our documented financial report. We find, however, that most of our clients want to take this step.


We will draw up a detailed plan that will be very easy for you to implement. Our goal is cost-effectiveness and convenient. We understand that your priority, as it should be, is running your practice. Therefore, you can expect the implementation of your plan to be “turn-key.” Working as your quarterback, per se, we make sure that your professional support team completes their tasks for implementation on time and within the specified budget.


Every plan needs monitoring in order to stay on course. We support your progress through periodic review and suggestions for corrective action if and when necessary.

About The Program

The “Net Worth Builder” program is the culmination of years of experiences being put into practice. We find that dentists live very busy lives, managing their practice and family matters, liaising with a multitude of different advisors, trying to co-ordinate each other rather than focus on what they do best. These other advisors typically do not talk to each other, and those that do talk to each other do not implement the plan together, so your big picture plan is dis-jointed, which means you could be leaving money on the table.

The big difference, is that at TMFD Financial, we plan, document and implement the big picture plan for you, integrating your overall practice and family’s personal goals, coordinating cash flows and tax planning strategies to achieve the big picture and longer term results.

The development of a plan through which clear financial objectives become attainable can renew your sense of professional enthusiasm while also assuring that the daydreams you have about your retirement years become a sustainable reality!

Contact us today for an initial complimentary consultation, or to seek a second opinion.