Tax* Planning for Dentists

tax planning for dentists

Tax Planning for Dental Practice, Personal and Family Needs

Keep More of What You Earn.

A dentist’s largest expense is taxes. Having worked exclusively with dentists and dental practices for over a decade, we continue to manage taxes with strategic planning, to help you keep more of what you earn.

Managing your income taxes is a vital element of managing the overall cash flow through your business. We build pro-active tax planning solutions to help you better manage the amount of taxes you pay, ultimately increasing your business cash flow.

While we find it extremely important to proactively approach tax planning through the aggressive pursuit of all possible tax-reducing opportunities, we consistently work in a manner through which our clients’ assets are protected. We are very serious in our commitment to avoid the risk for tax audit, and go to painstaking lengths in record-keeping to protect each client’s position should a challenge arise.

As a dentist, you provide your patients with a specialized type of care. Our firm has been developed to provide you, the dentist, with the qualified tax expertise you deserve to maintain your bottom line. The fact that our services are geared exclusively toward the dental profession means that you, your practice, and your family receive the utmost in professionalism and expertise that cannot be easily found.

You deserve the full benefit of your hard-earned practice dollars. Our specialized educational background and specific experience through years of practice serving dental professionals has allowed us to develop a proven record of success in the creation of winning financial planning and tax strategies.

We also have experienced staff to represent our clients before Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

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