When it comes to improving the lives of dentists and their families, we’re proud to be industry leaders. But our truest measure of success is client satisfaction. We greatly appreciate those who have taken the time to share their thoughts and to all our clients – thank you for putting your trust in us!

murray arlin
5 Star Rating

Dr. Murray Arlin, D.D.S., dip. Perio., F.R.C.D.(C)


Tax Preparation in Toronto, ON - TMFD Financial
I spent many years carefully investigating who I would work with as my financial planner. I decided to commit to the Lakhani team and can very strongly recommend them. The team is knowledgeable and competent, as well as being down to earth and friendly. They provide significant benefits to my financial and legal affairs. To read my full testimonial, please click
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kerr banduk
5 Star Rating

Dr. Kerr Banduk, D.D.S.


Being a sceptic, it took me a while to place my trust and confidence with someone when it came to my financial affairs. As Dentists, we work very hard for our money and have very little time to invest it properly, and seek the proper advice. I retired from Dentistry at the age of 58 and have been a client of TMFD Financial for over ten years. As I look back on how this was possible, it is easy to see that aside from hard work and running an efficient and successful practice, it was the team at TMFD Financial that helped immensely in achieving this. The formation of the correct corporate structure, tax planning and wealth management strategies, legal advice and banking needs, the proper insurance set up, all under one roof was the key to this success. Mike and his team are knowledgeable to the needs of Dentists, are efficient, professional and are a pleasure to deal with. I have enjoyed Dentistry and continue to serve on the ODA (Ontario Dental Association) for the betterment of our Profession. I feel a great joy in recommending the TMFD Financial team to you. TRUST is earned and they have earned mine.

rachel bell
5 Star Rating

Dr. Rachel Bell, D.M.D., B.Sc.H


When setting up my dental practice in 2013, I was initially looking for a firm to assist me with my financial needs. TMFD Financial was recommended to me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the services they provide. Their team approach has been invaluable by allowing me to deal with one consultant company for my personal and business needs. My TMFD Financial Team of Specialists includes: Stive Farronato, Per Homer, Chris Molloy, and Jeffrey Meier. They developed my business projection for managing practice cash flow, provided marketing strategy solutions, advised and assisted me in choosing the appropriate insurance to meet my personal and business needs, and managed my taxes. They have been a great support system for me and are quick to answer any of my questions or concerns. It has been a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their services!

melinda brett cerqua
5 Star Rating

Melinda & Dr. Brett Cerqua, DDS


From the moment we met with the team at TMFD Financial, we knew we were in good hands. Stive, Chris, and now Adam help take the guesswork out of financial planning and you will appreciate that the experience they have with dental clientele really pays off. They understand our industry and profession and are available whenever you need advice. From taxes to planning for your retirement, they have you completely covered. They are an incredible team of financial professionals who will always look out for your best interest. I highly recommend them whether you are just beginning your career or are approaching retirement and anywhere in between. Keep up the good work. Thanks TMFD Financial.

albert chan
5 Star Rating

Dr. Albert Chan, DDS, FAGD


I came to TMFD Financial about 8 years ago. I was taking a chance with a company which I knew little about and none of my dental friends were using at the time. My initial fear was quickly allayed as I began to experience the expertise and professionalism that Stive and Chris of TMFD Financial were able to offer me. I was also impressed as to how quick they would respond to my numerous emails, answering tax questions often within minutes of posting. It was a nice start to a great relationship. They helped me set up the PC and IPP and as I gained confidence in them, I started to shift my portfolio from a major brokerage house and today, 100% of my investable assets are managed by them. This is perhaps the wisest investment decision I have ever made as my previous adviser was performing miserably for the past 25 years. I’m in total agreement with the ‘efficient market hypotheses introduced to me by Assante a few years ago and it remains the core of their investment philosophy. I’m very happy with the return so far and my only regret was not transferring my funds over earlier. With all the tools that we were able to implement over the past 8 years, I have attained my goal of achieving financial freedom.

calvin chu
5 Star Rating

Dr. Calvin Chu, D.D.S.


I found TMFD Financial to be invaluable in helping me first to get incorporated and secondly to get organized to purchase a practice. They patiently answered all of my questions that would come up during the purchase process. They have a good network of contacts. Of course, they can take care of your taxes and investments too! I would definitely recommend them – they are a pleasure to work with.

neil gajjar
5 Star Rating

Dr. Neil Gajjar, BSc, D.D.S.


I find the unique approach that Mike has developed to integrate all of my bookkeeping, corporate filings, and wealth management needs the key to capturing tax savings opportunities that simply would not be apparent otherwise. The background preparation work undertaken by Mike and his team at TMFD Financial directly resulted in real corporate and personal tax savings. I am now moving confidently through a well-planned strategy. I highly recommend Mike as your one source provider to manage all your tax, corporate and personal financial affairs.

5 Star Rating

Dr. Ante Granic, D.D.S


Mike has provided insight, problem resolution, and coordinated services under one source. His services have proven to be very helpful and cost effective. I have found that Mike truly has a good understanding of the needs of dentists. Mike has not been there just to deliver tax strategies – he has a genuine interest in delivering a better practice for me. Mike was able to translate his strategies into tangible bottom-line tax savings. From analysis through to implementation, Mike and his team of tax specialists and planners at TMFD Financial have delivered results that were beyond my expectations.

allan hawryluk
5 Star Rating

Dr. Allan L. Hawryluk, D.D.S


Thanks to the team at TMFD Financial I am now experiencing a sustained period of organization and financial stability. In the past I had many people giving me disjointed advice and it was overwhelming and out of control. The team at TMFD Financial has given us excellent advice in internal practice matters and have organized my accounting, investments, and insurance policies. Now I have more time to focus on dentistry and leave all these financial matters to these great trusted professionals.

dr. allan hawryluk sr
5 Star Rating

Dr. Allan R. Hawryluk, D.D.S.


My family and I were very impressed with the team at TMFD Financial. Our main priority was the transition of the dental practice from myself to my son. We wanted a simple solution that would be easy to implement. They clearly explained the strategy and found a solution that reduced taxes substantially. The value they provide goes beyond tax and accounting advice. My wife and I continue to benefit from their guidance in other areas of our finances and we look forward to a comfortable retirement.

5 Star Rating

Dr. Zafar Husain, D.D.S.

(Owen Sound)

TMFD Financial has significantly improved our financial situation by providing us with sound tax and financial planning, helping us set realistic long-term savings and retirement goals and providing us with direct and honest investing and savings advice. TMFD Financial’s professional tax and financial planning team has saved us considerable money allowing us to enjoy a greater disposable income and have more funds available to invest for our long term savings and retirement goals. Since investments, tax planning, insurance and wills/trusts are all done at TMFD Financial, having them direct these critical areas saves us significant time and allows us to feel more secure about our long term personal and professional financial goals. I trust their judgement, and highly recommend them to all dentists.

michael johnson
5 Star Rating

Dr. Michael Johnson, BDS

(Port Elgin)

TMFD Financial comprises a tremendous group of professionals who are very accommodating, prompt and organized. We trust them implicitly to come up with financial solutions for all of our business and personal needs. They make us feel like we are their only clients with advice coming quickly in language that we can understand.

arthur johnston
5 Star Rating

Dr. Arthur Johnston, D.D.S.

(Successfully Retired)

I have been in the private practice of dentistry for well over 30 years. I have had a very good accountant, a very capable financial planner, insurance agents that advise me well, and lawyers to give advice when necessary. Although each of these advisors did their best for me, they each worked in isolation and none were able to see the big picture. I needed someone to successfully integrate all the pieces of the financial puzzle. Mike Lakhani and his team have done an incredible job of analyzing, integrating, and managing my personal and corporate needs, and have made possible a much better bottom line than I have ever enjoyed before.

dr. alvin lo
5 Star Rating

Dr. Alvin Lo, BA Hons., DMD


TMFD Financial helped improve my personal financial situation by planning out a clear roadmap for my success, and giving me more knowledge and confidence about the future of my career. The team was a great help in analyzing and explaining to me the financial situations of practices I was interested in purchasing, leading me to settle on one practice with great potential. They helped lower my stress, when I felt I did not understand my financial situation or future. Knowing that they are on my side, as I transition into ownership has given me better sleep and more time to focus on my clinical goals. I couldn’t be happier with selecting TMFD Financial to be part of my team.

michael and amanika
5 Star Rating

Dr. Michael Luciani, DDS & Dr. Amanika Luciani, DDS


Since 2007, the team at TMFD Financial, have helped us to establish and care for the needs of our two dental practices, and rapidly expanding family. They have supported us with an “all in one” approach. They have provided accounting & tax matters, corporate and private insurance, estate planning, retirement and education savings. Their insurance team members, Jeff and Raj have also helped us with a Health Spending Account that helps to cover our family’s day-to-day medical needs. It is re-assuring to us to have a team of friends looking out for our family and practice needs.

5 Star Rating

Dr. Jim Mackle, DDS

(Alliston, Ontario)

TMFD Financial have guided me and helped me plan effectively which has allowed me to achieve an early retirement! They provided me with timely advice on the sale of my practice. The best aspect of TMFD Financial is their “Big Picture” look at investing, tax reduction, insurance and estate planning and the way they “put it all together”.

sandra pather
5 Star Rating

Sandra Pather Milencoff, Spouse of Dentist


My husband and I were first introduced to Mike Lakhani and his team at TMFD Financial approximately 10 years ago. They developed a comprehensive approach with us which included tax planning, investment planning, education planning and estate planning. They met with us every 3 to 4 months as needed to analyze our accounts and further plan. My worst fear was realized when at the young age of 42, I lost my spouse. Thankfully Mike and his team had planned our estate carefully so that my young daughter and I are financially sound. The TMFD Financial team went far beyond their professional duties and supported me and assisted me with my ongoing estate and tax implications since my husband’s death. Their extensive knowledge and foresight made this terrible situation easier and I would highly recommend them. I could not have managed without their help over these last 2 years – they handled everything! This has allowed us to enjoy life and not worry about finances knowing a highly qualified team is there when we need them.

jk mistry
5 Star Rating

Dr. J.K. Mistry, D.M.D., B.Sc.


Mike is very knowledgeable, and it is comforting to know he has a team of reliable experts to help with my accounting, financial tax planning, and investment needs. He understands the dental profession, the dental office processes, and he has access to in-house tax specialists catering to our business…I was able to minimize my taxes and have real tax savings added to my bottom line.

5 Star Rating

Dr. Neal Mortensen, DDS


I have been with TMFD Financial for the last 7 years. Prior to that I was a wandering soul moving form accountant to accountant every few years, mostly because I felt unsatisfied with the advice I was getting. The other accountants only had a few “dentist” clients and I was never sure they knew the best way to serve my specific needs. I went to TMFD Financial for an accountant for dentists, to do my taxes. What I got was much more! They looked at the big picture for my benefit. They looked at minimizing my taxes, helped me set up my wills, professional corporations, IPP and more, as the cash-flow is all inter-connected. None of my previous advisors before TMFD Financial had discussed this with me in such detail and clarity, that it was a real eye-opener. They also made it convenient for me, in that they had all these services in house, as a one-stop-shop. Since 2008 they have been managing my investments and accounting. They have made these aspects of my life easy to deal with and worry free. I would recommend TMFD Financial to any dentist who was “lost” like I was. They will help you find your way!

jared nabeta
5 Star Rating

Dr. Jared Nabeta, D.D.S.


The Team at TMFD Financial organized my business life and has set me up for the foreseeable future. They helped me incorporate and receive the financing to both purchase my first practice and build a new facility. Using their tax saving strategies I feel I am minimizing my tax burden. As a client of TMFD Financial, they’ve brought my financial planning, accounting and insurance all into one place to maximize communication and minimize confusion. Their knowledge of the dental industry helped to develop a customized financial plan for myself and my family.

neha patel
5 Star Rating

Dr. Neha Patel, DDS


As a new graduated dentist trying to buy a practice, TMFD Financial has been constantly helping me in acquiring one. From informing me of opportunities, checking the appraisals, to coordinating with the banks for commercial lending, they have assisted throughout. With my hectic work schedules I do not have the time to research and follow through, but with the TMFD Financial one stop shop model with everything under one roof for all my financial needs, my life has become much easier. They have experienced advisors who work as a team to plan and implement solutions for my personal financial needs. The TMFD Financial team has been helping me reduce my debts faster and in an effective manner. I now have a good financial roadmap and their guidance in connecting investments, insurance, wills and estates and other planning matters have provided clear direction, and they are with me for the long haul.

Josh Belliveau has been my personal contact to the team, and I personally feel he gives me the right advice at the right time and has my best interests at heart. He always responds to my queries in a prompt and timely fashion. If you want to get in control with a coordinated plan for your practice and personal finances, I highly recommend TMFD Financial as the go to experts for dentists.

5 Star Rating

Ted Protopapas, DD and Andy Protopapas, DD


The team at TMFD Financial has made us feel comfortable since we first were introduced to them. Their big picture approach at looking at our complete financial picture helped us build our families’ financial roadmap. The team at TMFD Financial has quarterbacked everything for us, creating a strong level of trust. Our families would recommend their services to any denturist in need of a solid financial plan, regardless the stage of their career. Stive, Adam, and Chris help take the guesswork out of financial planning and you will appreciate the knowledge they have. From tax to planning for your retirement plan, insurance and investments, they have you completely covered.

christine reekie
5 Star Rating

Dr. Christine Reekie, DD

(Parry Sound)

I am a new comer to Tax Matters for Dentist, and so far I have been absolutely satisfied with this team. For the past few years I have been struggling with a financial planner that was very far away and had no communication with at all, and my account who was also distant and when I did get him on the phone, I would be surprised to get two words out of him and always had the feeling like I was bothering him. He never suggested any helpfulness when it came to any of my taxes of finances. It wasn’t until my sales rep from Henry Schein leant me a book called, “Secrets of the Wealthy Dentist”, that I started thinking of a change. I totally related to the stories that were told and learned so much just from reading this book. I then decided to call and make the appointment to go and talk to them. My husband and I met with Josh and Stive and immediately felt comfortable with them. Just having the convenience of having everything done for us in one location, and to have everything connected with one central hub that is looking out for my well-being and planning for my future. Some things are overwhelming and difficult for me, like estate and will planning, knowing that they can have someone look after all of this and make it less stressful is a huge benefit for me. I would highly recommend if you are stuck in a situation and need some help to get everything in order. Or like me, I wanted to get a retirement plan in place for my husband and I, and we now have this wonderful portfolio on how we can achieve that goal. I am looking forward to many years with this company as we all work together to ensure that my financial goals are reached and secure.

vageesh sabharwal
5 Star Rating

Dr. Vageesh K Sabharwal, BSc., DDS

(Toronto & Vaughan)

I have had the privilege of having TMFD Financial on my financial team for over 7 years. I am very confident in the services and level of advice that is afforded to me at every crucial moment of my personal and professional financial life. I highly recommend making TMFD Financial a part of any dentist’s financial team if ease of mind, honesty and financial success are important to you.

leny sferlazza
5 Star Rating

Dr. Leny Sferlazza, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.


Mike Lakhani and his extraordinary proficient team have been extremely helpful with my professional and personal finances. From forming a corporation for my dental practice to estate planning, the process was thorough and comprehensive. The strategies have greatly reduced my taxes and increased my retirement savings. I have been most impressed with the absolute competence of the people I have had the privilege to work with.

sara syed
5 Star Rating

Dr. Sara Syed, B.Sc. (Hons), D.M.D.


Mike Lakhani and his team listen and act on my individual needs rather than using a “one size fits all” method. They take a comprehensive approach to financial planning that includes tax planning, education, investment planning, insurance needs, estate planning and structuring, and debt reduction. Prior to working with the Lakhani team, I had to rely on multiple specialists and it consumed a lot of my time. Now, Mike and his team serve as a kind of CFO for my business and personal finances. Their integrated service frees up my time to do the things I really enjoy, such as practicing dentistry and spending time with my family.

michaela taskov
5 Star Rating

Dr. Michaela Taskov, DDS

(Wasaga Beach)

In today’s rapidly changing professional world, it is reassuring to work with an accountant who truly understands the pressures we face in our practices. 2014 is my first year working with Stive Farronato, and I couldn’t be more impressed. He proved himself to be very professional, intuitive, realistic, quick to respond and easy to communicate with. With TMFD Financial having a special focus on the dental profession, they were very familiar with the many challenges we face in the dental practice and very knowledgeable regarding dental corporations. I would encourage my colleagues to make the move to the TMFD Financial team approach in addressing our personal and professional financial needs.

catherine zacal
5 Star Rating

Dr. Catherine Zacal, Hon BSc, D.D.S.


I am relieved to have found the team at TMFD Financial. TMFD Financial has helped me by streamlining and consolidating all of my financial matters. This has saved me time and money by having all my finances in one place. It has reduced my stress level and stopped me worrying about keeping on top of more than one financial advisor for my life insurance, RRSP’s etc. Having personal, corporate, and all the various insurance structures under one roof ensures minimization of taxes and increased efficiency when all parties involved are aware of the big picture. I take comfort in their stone-cold grasp of the complex corporate finance world. However, personal meetings with TMFD Financial are always genuinely friendly and relaxed.